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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hi everyone! I\m finally back with my review of the grey pair of contact lenses sent to me by Klenspop a while ago. Previously, I reviewed the brown pair here and the  blue pair here  which they sent me with the grey pair. I've actually been the most excited to try out these grey lenses because I really liked the design and I love grey lenses c: 

They were in the usual packaging from Klenspop, a box with the lens in two glass jars, lens cases and a pair of tweezers. Everything was pretty standard, but for some reason I had so much trouble opening the glass jar with the lenses! I had to use pliers because the metal seal wasn't coming off, and it happened for both so I probably wasn't just being clumsy. So that was super annoying, but I only had to do it once so no big deal :)

The design is fairly simple but I thought it would look really pretty and natural, and the model picture on the klenspop website looked great, the grey looked super nice!

Here's the info from Klenspop:


Graphic DIA
Using Period
Water Contect
There are no -0.25, -0.75 -5.25 -5.75
1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

And now, here's some pictures!
Under natural light:

Under Indoor flourescent light:

As you can see, the grey color isn't all that visible and overall the lenses mostly look brown. They do have slight enlargening and make my eyes look a little bit lighteraround the edges but the effect is pretty different from the picture on Klenspop, probably because the model's eyes are lighter than mine so the lighter parts of the lens are much more visible. However, I still quite like these lenses, they look pretty and aren't too noticeable! Great for those going for a natural look. 

Appearance/color: 4/5
I guess the design and color is pretty simple and not very visible on my dark eyes but personally I actually like how it looks! if you're going for a more striking pair I wouldn't recommend these but for something really natural that is super wearable for everyday I think these are great :)

Comfort: 4.5/5
These sting a tiny bit when they are just put on but are actually very comfortable and I can go a whole day wearing them without much drying or discomfort which is nice, pretty comparable to regular lenses actually other than the discomfort when I just put them on, but that goes away within 30 minutes usually.

Enlargement: 4/5
Since the color isn't anything really special, I guess the main point of these is enlargement. They're also not super enlargening like most of the lenses I have but I think it's the right amount, they could proabably get away with a greater diameter and still look natural since the color blends in with my natural eye color. 

Sorry for taking so long with this post, I thought I'd be posting often during the summer now that school's over but turns out I'm busier now more than ever! Instead of school, in the past few weeks I've been photographing a music & art festival, and an art camp counsellor for the past few weeks as well as meeting up with friends. It's taking up more of my time than school, haha. Oh well, at least I'm enjoying it a lot more!

I hope that you found my review useful or enjoyable to read in some way, and you can find these lenses for $13.00 on Klenspop Here! Or check out the site by clicking the banners on my sidebar.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I always prefer to wear gray lenses just because I think they're such a gorgeous twist to my boring black eyes but not unnatural like brown; the lenses I usually wear are much more visible than this, but I love how natural these look on you!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. I agree, it's a nice twist :) thank you!

  2. These lenses look so natural on you! I always need to wear lenses, but always wear the boring regular translucent ones XD But they are soo expensive T_T Do you know how long you can use those circle lenses? My regular ones last for only a month or two. Great review dear! :)

    1. I always need to wear contact lenses too, because my eyes are TERRIBLE (maybe you've noticed my prescription on the bottles) and I usually wear regular contacts.
      Circle lenses are usually 1 year or 6 months disposable, so they are WAY cheaper than usual contacts but I wouldn't wear them every day for a year because they'd definitely rip by then, and it's bad for your eyes to wear circle lenses regularly so I wouldn't recommend that.

  3. Oooo that look nice on you! :) it really is the right amount of enlargement~ its quite natural but still dolly :)


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