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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

makeup haul etude house missha

So, I've been doing a lot of online shopping recently (mostly for makeup) and I've gotten a whole bunch of new products that I'm really excited to try out ;) these purchases were from two separate orders from cosmetic-love.com - they had some pretty good sales in June and May, so today I'm sharing some of the stuff I got!

missha m magic cushion
Missha M magic cushion 
This is actually my second time purchasing this item, however the first time I got it I lost it :(( thankfully it's pretty cheap haha, so I repurchased it this time, and it was on sale for $9.85 which is pretty cheap for a cushion! I got it in shade #21 which is the same as the shade i use for Missha bb cream.  

Etude House Play 101 Pencil no.5 

I'm super late with trying out the Etude House play 101 pencils especially since I feel like it's kind of hard to get them now? like most of the pencils /colors are sold out on most sites, it's annoying :( but I did manage to get this one which is a shimmery creamy white with a hint of gold.

dear my enamel lips talk rd303 etude house

Dear my Enamel lips talk lipstick #RD303
I'm a huge sucker for etude house lipsticks because of the adorable packaging! the Dear My Enamel line has a slightly glossy finish and I picked out this ruby red color to add to my collection.

pore cover primer missha layer blurring

Missha Pore Cover Primer

I'm not too sure why i picked up this product actually because I currently have a pore primer that i'm using haha, but I was actually trying to buy a base but somehow ended up getting this primer instead oops. Missha recently launched a line of primers with different targeted abilities, this one specifically is for pore cover and they're all fairly inexpensive. 

berry delicious liquid lips PK014 etude house

Etude House Berry Delicious Liquid Lips - PK014

Etude house's spring/summer line with the berry themed products was just too cute to resist so I decided to get this liquid lips product which is somewhat like a liquid lipstick with glossy finish. It also smells super good and I think the color is great for summer! 

look at my eyes eyeshadow etude house

Etude House Look at My Eyes Eyeshadow -BE104, PK007, PK004 (left to right)
So ever since I tried out two etude house eyeshadows a while ago, I've been wanting to get more because they're really affordable, there's a huge color selection, they're really pigmented, and have great texture. I picked up a rose gold, shimmery light brown, and a really beautiful burgundy shade. It's so hard choosing colors honestly the whole range looks so amazing!

samples innisfree serum moistfull cream pandas dream tonymoly

And finally, here's all the samples I got from these purchases! I love samples ahah, and I swear last time they sent me just as many of those innisfree green tea serums and how I have stacks :') 

Thats the end of my haul, if you're interested in any of the products just click on the link below the photos! 
Cosmetic love is one of my favourite online k-beauty shops, as their prices are low, and the shipping is free!! If you're interested in buying from cosmetic-love, sign up here for a 15% percent off coupon :)

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  1. I have the eyeshadow and that 101 pencil too, love the pencils~~~!

  2. Missha does produce a good quality cushion for such price :)

    Oh Dear Bumblebees

    1. Agreed, I think it's the cheapest cushion on the market!

  3. Wow 9.85 for that Missha BB Magic Cushion? o.O Dang I paid my Laneige BB Cushion around USD $35.00! That's awesome though! Missha was actually my first BB Cream and I love it myself! I'm also diggin' those Etude House eyeshadows ( *o* )

    Following you now~


    1. ahah i know, but I guess you can't really compare it to laneige! Missha was my first bb cream too c:

  4. I've been looking at a lot of Etude house products and their berry line is so adorable, I want it all ♥


    1. aha me too, everything is so cute

  5. Wow, they're really generous with the samples (which means good!!)
    Love the colors of the etude eyeshadows!!
    Lovely post Suzy :3


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