What I got for Christmas 2015 ~

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hello everyone! 
Sorry I haven't posted since uh... last year... but January is a pretty crazy month with new years and then school starting up and exams, which explains why I'm posting my christmas gift post about 3 weeks after Christmas oops! 

This post also includes some stuff I got from my trip to LA at the end of December so it's kind of a December haul post as well as gifts, so here we go!


One of my friends got me these mini gift sets from Sephora, which included a ton of mini products, which I love because the packaging is super cute! One of my favourite things about the holidays at sephora is all the amazing gift sets, I wish they had more of these all year round :) 

Also received some beautifully wrapped chocolate bars (I will never want to eat them and ruin the pretty paper haha) and a large candle from bath and body works! I haven't been using candles recently but I was obsessed with them a while ago. This one smells amazing, kind of like a toned down version of what the inside of Abercrombie smells like ahaha

I think my friends all realize how often I shop at the face shop because almost every time I go to the mall I go in and buy at least one thing oops.. Looking forward to trying these face masks I received and the chia seed moisturizer!

Probably my favourite thing I received this season, this Daniel Wellington watch! My parents got me this (at my request though because I picked it out and asked for it lol) and I love it! DW watches have been really popular recently and I love their classic design. I personally like these better than the chunky metallic watches that were popular before, I feel like these designs are more timeless. The most trendy DW watches are huge though and I have a super tiny wrist so I opted for a smaller one, this one is the Classy St. Mawes 26mm with the rose gold face.

We did a secret santa with my group of friends, and my secret santa got me a bunch of stationery from Muji! I absolutely adore stationery, Muji especially because their stuff looks so simple and nice and the paper and pen quality is really good! I've been using the small white journal as my mini bullet journal this year, so this gift is definitely very very useful.

I've been really liking hats recently and I'm trying to expand my collection. I got these two in LA, one from a little kiosk on Hollywood ave. (it was only $5 score!) and this super cute polar bear one from a shop in little Tokyo. Time to find more occasions to wear hats ^^

This one totally does not count as a christmas gift because it's really just a bunch of stuff I got from Daiso lol. But we don't have Daiso in Toronto but I love everything in the store, and how it's so cheap ahaha! So obviously I had to stock up (the eyelashes are only $1.50?!) I guess it's a gift to myself!

I hope all of you are having a great beginning to the new year! January is going to be very busy because I have to finish University applications and I have exams in two weeks so I probably won't be posting until after that. Will be working on travel posts for my trip to LA so keep an eye out for those :) 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Pretty and Cute Haul ^^ Thanks for sharing! and I'm also like your blog~

    Would you like to support each other by follow on GFC & G+?
    Please Let me know if you follow me and I’ll follow back!

    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥

  2. I have so much love for the Chia Seed Toner! Have you tried it before??
    haha Muji stationary is just so nice I bought so much back from my trip ><
    Lucky! DW watches are always nice & I guess you could where them with basically any outfit~
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Leavers Trip Pt.II Singapore | Blippo Giveaway

    1. I haven't tried it yet! Ooh that maks me more excited to open it :)
      Ahahha agreed I've already used up two muji pens lol!
      thanks for reading!

  3. Looks like you got a bunch of awesome stuff for Christmas! You'll wear that watch for years and years~ Best of luck with first year uni!
    ~Weng wengiful

  4. Such a cute haul. I love the polar bear beanie. So adorable!

    Would you like to support each other though GFC? If you follow me I will do the same back.


  5. Wow))) You're so lucky^^ Love everything you showed! Especially makeup^^
    I want to find international blogger friends to stay in touch and support each other! Followed your blog because it BEAUTIFUL!)))
    You're always welcome in mine!

  6. I spy tons of muji goodies in your haul omg *O* I'm so jealous you got a Daiso near you because I don't have one at all at where I live OTLL
    Jessie @ bijou-heart

    1. aha I know I love muji <3 Lol the Daiso was in LA, sadly we don't have one nearby so I stocked up!


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