Travel Diaries ~ Los Angeles pt.1

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello everyone! I have officially survived exam season, just in time to share this travel post :) If you haven't already noticed from the fact that I still haven't finished posting about my Europe trip from 2014 (oops) you can probably tell that I'm not very good at posting these in a timely manner ahhah... So if I don't post them quickly I probably never will so I'd better get cracking!

I went to Los Angeles with my parents the last week of December, and I had an amazing time! This was actually my first time going to the West Coast, although I've been to Vancouver's airport a few times for transfers but that doesn't really count. Anyhoo, I seriously really really enjoyed my trip and I think California is amazing and if any of you live in Los Angeles I really envy you and may just join you there in the future sorry Toronto

Our flight Christmas evening, so I technically got a few extra hours of Christmas day because LA is 3 hours behind :) 
The 26th was the first full day, and I visited the Getty center (basically a huge art museum on a nice hill in North LA) and wooow the architecture is very nice! I was taking so many random shots of the buildings and corners here and there because everything is super aesthetically pleasing! and the sky is so blue! I look at this photo and then at the dreary skies in Canada right now and my post-travel depression intensifies lol

Look at these sunny blue skies and amazing views of the city! I felt like the weather was quite warm because it was around 17 degrees Celsius and very sunny, but there were still people wearing parkas? and there were also some people wearing shorts? I do admit my skirt got a little chilly in the evening and inconvenient on this windy balcony but overall the weather was super comfortable!

Of course food photography is very important to me so I naturally must upload this picture of the food we had that day which was very good (maybe because of hunger from skipping breakfast oops) and the eating area had floor to ceiling windows so I could soak up more of that California sunshine!

 I think a photo with these lamp posts is an obligatory photo when in LA ahah :) This is actually in front of the LA county museum of art (LACMA for short because that name is quite a mouthful) . The first photo is of these same lamps at night when they're lit up, and it looks super nice with the palm trees and whatnot. This was a day pretty much full of museums because I adore museums! 

We went over to the Grove (it's a famous shopping center in Beverly Hills) for dinner at the farmer's market next door which was very cool, but sadly I don't have any good photos because the lighting was very dim. The grove is so pretty, especially since it's all lit up for the Christmas season! like this whole fountain and light display with the floating santa is pretty much the epitome of Christmas (minus the snow) 

Moving on to Day 2, this was in the Hollywood museum! This was in a former makeup factory/studio and there were these rooms that were supposed to each painted to suit different complexions! This was supposed to suit brunettes I think but I guess it suits me alright too ;) 

Hollywood Avenue! This are was extremely touristy obviously but I still like it a lot because there were so many people and shops and interesting costume-clad people on the side of the streets. Spiderman really wanted me to take a picture with him but I ran away LOL... Walt Disney was the only star worth stopping in the middle of the street for ahah :) (lowkey also stopped for Jackie chan too)

Had lunch at A Japanese place in the Hollywood & Highland shopping centre. Seriously, all the shopping malls in LA look so cool! The stores are all pretty much the same as what we have in Canada though so I didn't really buy much since the Canadian dollar is weak af right now *cries* Except I did get a snapback with LA on it that was only $5!! 

And here that hat makes an appearance lol. This was at the Griffith Observatory where we headed to watch the sunset. View was amazing as well because of the elevation.

And the architecture here is amazing too! Looks very Grecian. Took tons of pictures here while waiting for the sun to set aha :) 

And there it goes! you can see the thin line of the pacific Ocean as well. Got super darn cold after this so ran back to the car lol 

So that's it for pt. 1, I'll be posting a part 2 in a few day hopefully with the second two days of the trip! I hope you enjoyed reading this rather long post, because I did enjoy writing it! 

Thank you for reading 


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  1. Lovely blog!It's so nice to read it!maybe we could follow each other if you want, just let me know and I'll follow you right back :)
    Laura xx

  2. So in love with your blog! You've got such a fresh style and it really is a pleasure to read it!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? If yes just let me know once done and I'll be right back!

  3. Amazing place!
    would you like to follow each other on Google Friend connect and google +?
    let me know if you follow me and i will follow you back.

  4. I totally want to go to LA sometime too, I haven't been to America since I was 2 so I don't really remember anything other than seeing a few pictures here and there... I get you about the posts though, I haven't posted something I've been to do months ago aha. Great post, and I can relate to the food photography.

    Sophia @

    1. PS! Do you mind following me on Google Friend Connect c: I've already followed you~

    2. Sure thing! I hope you get a chance to go, it's a lot of fun :)

  5. The closest I got to being in Los Angeles was it's airport! But hopefully I will be able to visit and tour one day :3

    1. Hope you'll get a chance to explore one day!

  6. I really like all your photos!! Man. Bare legs at 17 degrees????? I'm still freezing to death at 17 degrees (which I don't mind tho) x_x The hollywood vanity room is so dreamy. I wish to visit LA too sometime! Looking forward to part two :D

    1. Thanks! Ahah, 17 degrees is pretty warm compared to -15 ;)

  7. Great adventure!! I love your picture up on Griffith Observatory! It such a gorgeous sight! Great post! p.s. You food pics make me so hungry lol <3


  8. I'm heading to LA soon so this makes me so so excited! I can't wait to go to places like the Grove and LACMA and to just see it all myself soon. I'm also really eager for LA shopping and the food...

    1. I'm so excited for you! It's really fun and I'm sure you'll love it (especially the shopping and the food)


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