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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Hello everyone! Hope you are are doing well and enjoying the final month of the year, I can't believe it's december already! Also, if you may be able to tell with this picture, I got a haircut! Kind of missing my long hair but I'm also liking this length :) Back with another circle lens review ^^ also sponsored by Klenspop, but all opinions and pictures are my own :)

All the lenses from Klenspop are very natural and subtle looking, which is just my style! These lenses are the Sio Color Lizzy Amber Lenses which you can find here. Read on for the detailed review!

Came in the usual packaging, a box with the lenses case, tweezers, and two glass bottles for the lenses themselves.

Here's some details about these lenses from the Klenspop website.

DIA                   14.2mm
Graphic DIA    13.6mm
BC                     8.7mm
Using Period     6month
Water Contect  45%
Power                0.00~-5.00(0.25Step)
Manufacture    BELMORE
Origin               KOREA

The design is quite simple, it's just a brown ring around with the "amber" color slightly visible around the outside.

Here are some pictures:

Personally, I felt like that these contacts were barely noticeable and didn't really look like I was wearing lenses at all! I couldn't really see the amber color on my dark colored eyes but I guess if you had really light eyes they would be more visible

Appearance/color: 3/5
The design is really quite plain - it's just a darker brown limbal ring and a tiny bit of a lighter brown gradation effect around the outside. But the design really wasn't noticeable at all on my eyes and you can barely tell I'm wearing lenses. I'd recommend them if you're going for a very very very subtle look if  you have dark eyes and don't want your lenses to be noticeable at all. Personally, I liked them because I don't want my eyes to look too different for an every day look, but if you're wearing lenses to change up your look a little these don't really do anything..

Comfort: 4.5/5
These lenses are really good quality in terms of the material and I found them to be very comfortable. They basically felt the same as my usual contact lenses, the only thing that was a little uncomfortable was that there was a slight stinging feeling that lasts for about an hour after your first put them on , and very occasionally I could feel them shift a little bit. Overall though they stayed moist for the whole day.

Enlargement: 2.5/5
These lenses do have a very very slight enlargening effect but it's super natural and not very noticeable so if you're going for that then these would be great. It's mostly the dark outer ring that has an enlargening effect because it adds more definition to your eye? the actual diameter is only 13.6mm though so I wouldn't consider that to be very enlargening.

Don't forget you can check out these lenses here or take a look at the klenspop website by clicking the banners on the right :) or take a look at my last review (for my favourite pair of lenses so far) here .

thank you all for reading 

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  1. the lens looks natural on you ^^ cute and pretty ^^


  2. The lenses are super pretty on you~! I really want to try them <33



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