Outfit Coordinate #8 - A Little Burgundy (and BTS fan account?)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I hope everyones doing well with school or work or whatever else is going on in your lives! I think I'm almost 100% adjusted to school again and I'm actually motivated to study, woohoo! However, I was pretty out of it the last few weeks because I was suffering from severe post-concert depression after I went to see BTS. They came to Toronto on the very controversial highlight tour, but thankfully I had a pretty smooth experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) I really wanted to do a post on it but I didn't take any pics that day because pictures werent allowed during the concert and I forgot to take an outfit pic FML -.- So I thought I'd just add in my fan account onto this outfit post (A+ for effort I know) 

Fall weather is actual so perfect, and the lighting and pretty leaves make everything look golden. Fall fashion is also probably my favourite, followed by spring. Summer is too hot imo, and winter is miserably cold, so the in-between seasons are perfect :) 

Burgundy/ Maroon seems to be a really popular color this season, so I incorporated it into this outfit in the shoes and sweater. Plus, I've been really digging this sweater recently. I discovered the amazing store Pull & Bear while I was in China and I am in love with their clothes... but they don't have the store in North America fml :( 

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses: Aldo
Sweater: Pull & Bear
Skirt: Pull & Bear
Boots: Aldo

That's it for the outfit photos, now I'll just post my BTS concert and Hi-touch fan account here (if anyone even wants to read my brain fart coupled with extreme incohesive and incomprehensible words)

Getting there, we lined up for about three hours and made some pretty cool friends in line. Apparently they were having some organizational issues again but we weren't completely sure because we'd were sorta far back and did t come in that early. At around 5:30 they started handing out wristbands. The line started to move and we got in, but since we were pretty far back our spots were kinda far but it was ok because we're near the sides and I could see about 75% of their bodies and their heads pretty clearly with an occasional head in my way. Around 7 minutes after we got in he venue the show started. Consio started and tbh I wasn't that hyped because I was saving my energy for bts obviously but he put in a pretty solid effort considering he knew everyone wasn't there for him haha. Finally, he announced that bts would come on next and left the stage and everyone went nuts and started chanting demonically nbd. And then I guess everyone got tired and stopped because they still didn't come out, and a staff member came out and reminded everyone that we had to not push etc etc. then, everyone chanted a little more, and the screens started playing the preview and I screamed my head off because even their pixelated forms are worth screaming over. Finally, they came out and everyone went nuts again. I was pretty surprised people didn't push too much, there was a little bit of squishing but overall it was just excited jumping around so yay for polite well mannered Canadians!! They started with N.O. And it was pretty great and I legit could not even believe that they were real. Obviously, I noticed jungkook first and he looked super flawless. Really though, they all looked super cute and amazing g and asssdhfjjk. After that, they talked introduction themselves- j-hope was super peppy and cheerful, rap mon's English was 10/10 and jungkook was perfect and Jin was beautiful and just yeah. J-hope noticed the signs on our side and smiled and pointed at them which was so adorable. They said some stuff about "Lake Ontario" and maple syrup and stuff I couldn't even understand hahaa. Then they did dope which everyone just died for - I have not words for the choreography and jungkook and Jin killed it and so did rap mon and V and everyone else. Then they did boy in love which was suuuper, I can't even.  Finally they did I need U as an encore which was perfect as well. 

And now... The hi-touch! We waited a while and I was thirsty af (in every way lol) and I had a chance to put my sweaty self back together before seeing them. We went through a corridor and then we could see them Through a door and I saw jimin first because he was last in the line and I literally couldn't even believe that I was actually that close to them like it was unreal. As we were approaching I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped Lol? The. First was rap mon, he gave me a really big smile and said hi I think. The it was Suga and V and OMG I THINK V WINKED AT ME OMGOMGOMG?? I remember it so clearly he smiled and winked and I died. Then Jin's lovely angelic wide smile pulled me out of my trance in 1 second and him and JUNGKOOK both looked so perfect and they both looked at me and smiled and said something maybe but I can't remember what. Jungkook a hair needs its own fan account like I can't. Then it was j-hope who was a little blurry in my mind but I remember his eye smile and then it was jimin who wore GLASSES and A BEANIE and looked so great. It was all over so quickly honestly my brain literally could not handle it but I'm slowly piecing it together, when I walked out I couldn't even think and untangle my thoughts. That wink messed me up though I remember I forced myself to get it together and Jin obviously helped. I'm just so happy that I made eye contact and got a smile from each of them and I can remember all of their faces and their very soft hands. I wanted to blow a kiss at jungkook lol but couldn't reactor quickly enough so I guess I just smiled prettily (probably more like stupidly but w.e.) at each of them and I remember all of them looking at me for a good few seconds and smiling back and it was so beautiful. Ok I'm done 

Okay that was it, sorry it was very long and probably full of mistakes because I did not edit that at all... 

Hope you all are enjoying your fall weather, or whatever weather you have in your part of the world :) 

Thank you for reading!


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  1. Sounds like an incredible experience!! Love your outfit, you look so pretty!! :)

  2. I'm really digging that sweater ^_^ sounds like an amazing concert and that you have quite the experience!


    1. thank you! I have definitely been wearing it too much recently hehee :)

  3. I'm so glad I've found you're blog, I love it ♥


  4. Love burgundy for fall! Your boots are so cute, love those chelsea type of boots. :)

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  5. This outfit is so cute ;u; And it's so cool how you saw BTS AHH J-Hope is adorable<333333
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  6. Sounds like you really had an amazing time at the concert! Love the maroon sweater too :) Great post!
    xo Kiki

  7. At least you got a chance to see them!!! haha I dont' think I could even go to any kpop concert unless I travel! XD
    But I FEEL THE EXCITEMENT From your recount!! I like the colour of your top! It really matches well with the Autumn weather~
    Btw, I’d love to invite you to join my blog giveaway!
    xx Charmaine

    charrmyn || Join my Blog Giveaway!

    1. For sure, it was super exciting ahaa
      thank yoou! I will definitely check out your giveaway!

  8. Great outfit! I love burgundy & the skirt looks very fashionable as well! :) I haven't been to Pull&Bear a while. I think I should take a look! :D


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