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Monday, May 23, 2016

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been entirely MIA for the past two months, I got caught up with exams and everything was super busy, but I'm back with a lens review sponsored by pinkicon <3

I wore these lenses twice before the review so excuse the two different outfits for outdoors and indoors pictures...

These lenses were sent to me by pinkicon, an online cosmetic lens shop which offers worldwide free shipping for all circle lenses! I picked out these grey lenses to review because I really like grey lenses :) Above is the packaging the lenses came in, and it also included a lens case.

Lens info:

Excuse the slight blurriness, but I think the lens design is very clear in this photo - it really does have three colors, a dark grey, light grey, and flecks of yellow. I took quite a few photos indoors with natural lighting and also outdoors with natural lighting:



Appearance/color: 4/5
The design is really pretty, I really like grey lenses. These ones are a lighter grey than my other ones so it doesn't look as natural, but it's still really pretty. I wore these to a concert and a girl in the row behind me noticed them when I turned and complimented me on them, so I'd say they're pretty noticeable haha. The only slight issue I had with it was that the color doesn't sit perfectly over my eyes so the hole for the cornea is not exactly centered sort of? Not noticeable at all though unless you zoom in haha. 

Comfort: 4/5
I found them to be comfortable, however they were slightly stinging/not as soft when I just put them on on the second time I wore them. The feeling went away after a while and they were fairly comfortable for the whole day!

Enlargement: 2.5/5
These lenses do have a slight enlargening effect, but since the outer ring isn't very darkened they don't particularly define your irises, but the outside is a slightly darker shade of grey it's slightly enlargening but not very obvious. 

Don't forget you can check out these lenses here or check out the pinkicon site by clicking the banners on the right.

thank you all for reading! 


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