Beauty Product Review - Stila Stay All Day HD BB Cream

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello! Here with a beauty product review today, for the Stila stay all day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm. Well, that's sure a long name, but it's basically just a BB cream. 

This "10-in-1" BB cream is supposed to do a lot of stuff for your skin, as this long list on the back of the tube suggests ^ I don't even understand what some of things are, like what are microspheres? Tripeptide-37?? 
But to sum it up for you, it's supposed to be anti-aging, hides the appearance of wrinkles, an antioxidant, long wearing, pore reducing, and oil & blemish controlling. I'm not too sure if it actually does all those things; it claims to control blemishes and oil, but my skin was still pretty oily by the end of the day, and I didn't notice any visible improvements in my acne. At least it didn't break me out!

Once I read the "10-in-1" I incorrectly assumed that sun protection and SPF would be included in that 10 but it's actually not. There is however, another version of this BB cream that contains SPF though.  

Nothing really special about the packaging, just a simple silver tube with a twist cap. You can get this BB cream at sephora here  for $50.00 and this  is the version with SPF 30 at the same price. I actually got this on sale for $25.00 because I probably wouldn't have spent $50.00 on this haha.

The shade is quite light, but it has yellow undertones, and oxidizes to a darker color. I find that the color that it appears as straight out of the tube suits my skin the best, but sometimes looks a little orange when I try to layer it. As for the coverage, it is very light, and with one layer you can barely notice it. I always follow up with some foundation afterwards, because it really doesn't provide much/any coverage. It does make a pretty decent base though. 
This BB cream only comes in this one shade, and it's supposed to fit all skin tones. I'm not too sure how that's supposed to work as this shade clearly looks quite fair, and one of my friends who has tan skin tried it and it didn't blend in too well. I don't think it suits "all skin tones" as it says. So definitely try out a tester first if you have darker skin!

As for the texture, it's pretty smooth, but not very moisturizing. I was hoping that it'd be more moisturizing so I could use it as a base and not have to use moisturizer before, but then it didn't feel very nice on my skin. 

+ Good base for foundation
+ convenient packaging
+ lots of skincare benefits

- expensive! 
- Not very moisturizing 
- Color isn't very adaptable 
- Somewhat orangeish color sometimes? 

So basically, this BB cream makes a decent makeup base, and is pretty good it you just want a very light coverage. But personally, I don't really think it's worth the money, Asian BB creams cost a lot less, and are usually pretty good too, if not better. Maybe give this a try if it's on sale :) 

Have you ever tried this BB cream before? Or ever bought a product that was not worth the money (sadly)? let me know in the comments :)
Thank you for reading!


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  1. It does seem like it has a lot of functions! Seems like an adequate bb cream, but maybe Ill keep looking :)
    Hope you follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    Let me know if you do and want me to follow back!
    Us bloggers should support each other ^_^

    1. yeah, I'd say this bb cream was just average, I've definitely tried some much better ones :)

  2. I've never tried this bb cream cause I already have my HG BBcream from Etude House ( or maybe I just too lazy to try other bb cream haha)

    I ever bought some unworthy make up lol. Coz I just interested with the cute packaging. :D

    1. Heard the Etude house bb cream is really good, I should try it out :)

  3. I was looking at this BB cream the other day xDD
    Thanks for the review~ don't think ill purchase it now since the colour and moisture isn't that great >.<

    I followed you on Google+ your turn now~ ^^

    1. glad you found this review useful!
      Followed back!

  4. I was going to check this out at the mall, actually - but my skin wouldn't suit anything with a yellowish undertone, and it doesn't seem to be worth the price unfortunately. Thanks for the review and pictures.

    Feel free to visit my blog; I've followed you and hope you will follow back x

    1. No problem :) Glad you found the review useful!

  5. i've always only used bb cream cause i feel that foundation is way too heavy and clogs pores.. followed back on bloglovin btw x

    1. Agreed, I think bb cream is much better for your skin for daily wear! Thanks x

  6. Hey Suzy! Your blog is great and I'm following you on google+ and bloglovin now :) Hopefully, you will do the same :)!

    Thank you! xoxo Jenny


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